Friday, December 7, 2018

Second Semester Music Karate Statistics Available...

Wow, what an amazing semester!!!

We are proud to share with you the results of our first semester Music Karate Dojo work in our music classrooms.  Congratulations to ALL of our students and "shout out" to our classroom leaders.  Just click the link above for detailed results of our semester :)

Mrs. Lee's class is currently in first place amongst all classrooms with three days of Perfect Recorder Attendance :)  Mrs. Thorpe's, Mrs. Lueckenhoff's and Mr. Wright's class are close behind.  Which classroom this year will win the PRA celebration party???

Also, please note that Ms. Hutchens, Benedictine College education student, earned her BLACK BELT this semester in Mr. Smith's classroom.  I believe we have a couple of classroom teachers working on their Black Belts as well.  Good luck to all!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Music Karate Standings are now available...

Please visit the following link for this important information regarding our first quarter Music Karate results   Please congratulate ALL of our our students as they are making tremendous progress towards achieving their end-of-the-year goals on their instruments...  

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

AES Music Celebration

We had an absolutely fantastic experience recently during our AES Music Celebration at Atchison Elementary School.  Our Atchison Wings (2nd/3rd Grades), Atchison Aviators (4th/5th Grades), and Music Creation Instrumental Ensemble (3rd/4th/5th Grades) performed an hour-long program for our families and friends.  We were so proud of all of our students...

Thank you, Miss Crosswhite, for taking these amazing photos of our amazing musicians.  I can't wait until next year....Where will our travels take us?    Keep 'em soaring, Aviators!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Music Creation Performance Trip...

Our Music Creation Spring Performance Tour was an absolute BLAST!!!  We played with the Tiffany Ridge Elementary School fifth grade students and then traveled to perform and visit the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City, Missouri.  Our thirty-five students were also privileged to be able to visit the Negro Leagues Museum in Kansas City, Missouri as well.

What a fantastic way to end a very adventurous year for our students!  Can't wait to get the kids together next year and see where our music takes us...

Thank you again, Mrs. Katie Martin, for your wonderful photos...

Atchison Music Creation playing with the Tiffany Ridge Elementary Fifth Grade students.

Charlie Parker sculpture group photo

Atchison Music Creation honoring Charlie Parker's creativity and music

Atchison Music Creation performing in the foyer of the American Jazz Museum

Atchison Music Creation performing in the foyer of the American Jazz Museum

Touring the American Jazz Museum

Atchison Music Creation group photo in the Negro Leagues Museum

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Final Music Karate Standings

It's time to announce the final Music Karate standings for our Atchison Aviators (3rd through 5th Grade).  Please congratulate all of our students on the one thing they ALL accomplished this year...significant progress on their instruments.

2017-2018 AES Music Karate Standings

Atchison Music Creation Recorder Performance Field Trip

We can't wait until tomorrow morning when Music Creation travels to Tiffany Ridge elementary school in Kansas City, Missouri.  We will perform with their amazing Fifth Grade students and then travel to the American Jazz Museum and perform for their patrons.  We are also looking forward to visiting their museum afterward.  This will be an amazing musical adventure for our students...

Wish us luck and safe travel...

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

LATE BREAKING NEWS...AES Third Quarter Music Karate Standings

You have been waiting for the results for quite some time...Well, my friend, the wait is over!

Please visit the following link for the AES Music Karate standings.  Good luck to everyone!

AES Music Karate Standings

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Atchison Music Creation - Kiwanis Halloween Parade

On October 28th, Music Creation had an absolute blast participating in the 2017 Atchison Kiwanis Halloween Parade in downtown Atchison.  Our students have participated in this wonderful community event the past three years.  We handed out over 2,000 pieces of candy to those in attendance.

The weather turned out to be just right...Not too cold, not too warm!  Good planning, folks :)  Thank you, Mrs. Kelley, for the great photos below.

Thank you, Atchison Kiwanis,  for the opportunity to participate!  We can't wait until next year...

Photo by Mrs. Kelley

Photo by Mrs. Kelley

Photo by Mrs. Kelley

Photo by Mrs. Kelley

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Atchison Music Creation - First Presbyterian Church Performance

On October 8th, Atchison Music Creation performed several songs for the First Presbyterian Church in Atchison, Kansas.  Our instrumental ensemble included Alto and Soprano recorders, tubanos, flugelhorn (Mr. Will!), and piano.   We were given a generous reception afterward.  It was a wonderful experience for our honors instrumental ensemble.

Thank you for the invitation, First Presbyterian Church!

Photo by Mrs. Martin

Photo by Mrs. Martin

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Atchison Music Creation Rehearsal Videos...

Below are two recent morning rehearsal videos of Music Creation taken by Mr. William Medina, our Benedictine College music student teacher (Thank you!)  Our Music Creation students have been working hard to master their instruments for upcoming performances, including at Benedictine College and Missouri Western State University.  We are so proud of our students' efforts...The future is indeed very bright for each of our students.

Video by Mr. William Medina

Video by Mr. William Medina

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Music Karate First Quarter Standings Now Available

The results of our AES Music Karate first quarter classroom standings in Fourth and Fifth Grade are now available. We appreciate the assistance of Mr. Will Medina, Benedictine College Music Student Teacher, the past few weeks as our students performed in front of their classmates in order to earn their belts.

Congratulations to all of our students...Your hard work is certainly paying off.  We anticipate even more success as the year progresses.  We have reached 53% of our end of the year goal in the first quarter this year...Not too bad at all, Aviators :)

You can view the First Quarter Standings by clicking the following link:

AES Music Karate Standings 

Who knows, in a few years you might be able to play these songs for fun :)

St. Thomas by Sonny Rollins

Giant Steps by John Coltrane

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Welcome back!

Welcome back, AES musicians!  We have a very exciting and full year ahead of us as we create music and memories together.  Please visit our website and spread the word about the wonderful things that are happening in the Atchison Elementary Music Department with your friends and family.

Atchison Aviators, Atchison Wings, and Music Creation, let's SOAR this year at AES...

Take off begins on August 15th!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Music Karate End of the Year Standings

Please visit the following page for more information on how our students did this year at Atchison Elementary in our Music Karate program...We are so extremely proud of their hard work throughout their year as they tried to reach their music education goals through the use of movement, voice, and instruments.

AES Students, thank you for a FANTASTIC year!  Take a bow, AES AVIATORS!!!

AES Music Karate Standings

Atchison Music Creation at University of Kansas versus Texas Baseball
Photo by Jeff Jacobson, KU Staff Photographer

Monday, May 1, 2017

Atchison Aviators Community Celebration

On April 27th at Atchison Middle School, the Atchison Aviators had their final Community Celebration.  They performed six different songs, featuring a vocal trio and three soloists.  Atchison Adrenaline, the AHS Show Choir, also performed two songs and two songs with the Aviators. Immediately following, we had a wonderful celebration reception with cookies, treats and beverages. It was a fantastic evening!

We wish our graduating fifth grade Atchison Aviators tremendous success at Atchison Middle School and beyond.  Fourth grade Aviators are welcome back next year as we continue our travels in music education and performance throughout NE Kansas and Missouri.

Below are a few photos taken by Mrs. Charo Kelley for you to enjoy.  Thank you, Mrs. Kelley!

Have a fantastic summer, Atchison Aviators!!!  Tomorrow is just the beginning...

(Photos by Mrs. Charo Kelley)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fifth Annual Read and Sing to Your Bunny Build a Bunny Bag Celebration

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our recent Fifth Annual Build a Bunny Bag event for the Atchison Read and Sing to Your Bunny Early Literacy Project.  We had eighteen students, teachers, community leaders, BOE members, and administrators assist us.

In case you weren't aware of the project, any child born at Atchison Hospital receives a wonderful bag that includes the fantastic book, "Read To Your Bunny," that is provided by a collaborative grant with Atchison DREAM Team, Atchison Kiwanis, USD 409,  ANEA, and KNEA!

The newborns also receive a hand-crafted bunny created by the Atchison Hospital Auxiliary, AAARSP, Meadowlark 4-H Club, First Christian Church and an amazing CD of recorded songs and poems performed by USD 409 students and staff.  To date, we have distributed up to 541 Bunny Bags to our newborn families.

It is our hope that this collaborative community effort will provide appropriate resources as families of newborns develop literacy skills, through reading and music, from the very beginning of their lives together. Our project also crosses all backgrounds, giving EVERY child born at Atchison Hospital a wonderful opportunity for academic success.  

Please enjoy a few photos from our event...Keep 'em hopping!

To learn more about our project and the many community partners that are involved, please visit:

Music Creation at the University of Kansas

Atchison Music Creation recently performed the Star Spangled Banner at the University of Kansas versus the University of Texas Big 12 baseball game.  The Soprano and Tenor Recorder consort did a wonderful job in presenting the National Anthem by memory to the patrons in the audience.  Our Fourth and Fifth Grade students were AMAZING...Way to go, MUSIC CREATION :)

Video by Mr. Doug Tschauder

Monday, April 3, 2017

Atchison Wings Medical Lodge Performance

Our Atchison Wings students (second and third grade) recently performed at Atchison Medical Lodge.  They did a wonderful job during their performance and represented our school and community very well.  It was a joy for us to share our love of music and the community during this performance.

Way to go, Atchison Wings!

(All photos by Mrs. Charo Kelley)